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Cosmic War Survival

A different kind of book

The True Gospel distinguished from the Global Apostasy by reference to the Early Ages of Man

Cosmic War Survival is the most important subject that any of us can consider. This book is not a novel dealing with fictional matters. It is concerned with the realities of our human existence and traces the history of mankind from the beginning. You will find much to surprise you in the unfolding record of the two communities in conflict, one, which remained faithful to God, and the other, which apostatised from him.

The history of these two divergent communities is the history of the world and in this book the Early Ages of Man are considered with reference to the account of Moses as well as ancient writings and archaeological finds. As it traces the development of the apostasy of Nimrod this book explains the mysterious similarities between Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, their religious significance and connections with megalithic sites as far distant as Britain and South Africa. It outlines the evidence supporting the Creation - fall - apostasy - flood - migration record in the Bible and shows its significance for the history of mankind.



The book is, however, more than history. It unfolds the spiritual dimension of the human story of global conflict from its early beginnings. At each stage the apostate ways are contrasted with the true service of God and authentic spiritual life is seen against the background of the delusions that took over the fallen world. The story is brought right up to date into the scientific age to show that the ways of Paganism are still with us in unexpected places. Necessary actions for surviving the cosmic war are considered in relation to the true daystar and Saviour, Jesus Christ.