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Cosmic War: Prologue

Offset Restrictions With Unlimited Positions

The Age of Humanity has long passed.

Scattered across the Universe, agents of destruction lay dormant for millennia, until... the Awakening.

Sentient war machines, relics of a universe in turmoil, forged by their ancestors to complete one mission: annihilate everything!

The endless conflict continues to march into the vast darkness of space.

Battles rage across the cold void, devastating planets, moons and asteroids, cosmic obliteration for a purpose long forgotten. Technology has been captured, assimilated, refined and transformed into brutally efficient, self-replicating mechanisms of War!

[Welcome to Cosmic War, a massively-multiplayer persistent RTS universe based on Jon Mavor's and Uber Entertainment's next-generation RTS, Planetary Annihilation. Cosmic War will be an ongoing project based on rules and lore written primarily by me, with input from the Insomnia and PA forum communities, and regular updates on the state of the game posted on this website. Lore updates will be in italics, while mechanics discussions will be in brackets, to easily differentiate them, and make the proceedings a little easier and more entertaining to follow.
   The initial lore that I'll be posting was written by Uber's in-house writer Matthew Kehm, and will mostly be used as is, with only the occasional minor modification. After the initial stages of the first galactic war, our universe will diverge from the official one, and its general direction will be the result of what happens during the actual gaming sessions, with me and the players writing and posting lore that reflects those developments.
   There will be no interactive aspect to this site (or in the YouTube videos for that matter) in the form of comments sections or a message board: please use the Cosmic War thread in the official PA forum [ > ] to leave your comments and suggestions. If, on the other hand, you want to get more involved with the project, you can post in the dedicated Cosmic War forum hosted on Insomnia [ > ] (guest-posting is enabled, so you can reply to threads or start your own without needing an account). We can certainly use all the help we can get in making Cosmic War the ultimate massively-multiplayer persistent RTS universe!
   More details on Cosmic War and the start of the first galactic war are on the way. Please look forward to them. -ALEX KIERKEGAARD]

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